The Lincoln Track Club has been running Lincoln since 1975. Established by an eager group of track enthusiasts, it has evolved into a distance running organization passionate about the health and well-being of Lincoln as well as the surrounding community. The LTC is an all-volunteer organization, and this feature will spotlight the people behind the scenes. This is the second installment of LTC volunteers profiles.

ann-gregAnn Ringlein is the manager of the Lincoln Running Co., vice president of the Lincoln Track Club, and the race director for the Lincoln Mile, the Buffalo Run, and the Holiday Run. She has been and LTC volunteer for 32 years. On top of that she shares her knowledge and experience with Lincoln runners through the YMCA Marathon Training Class in the winter and spring, Beginner’s Luck in the summer, and Halfsy Training in the fall.

What other positions have you held: Maybe all of them, except president (that goes to very smart people)

What are your responsibilities: Working with the race directors to ensure our races stay the best races around!

How did you initially get involved: I was volunteering for races when I first moved here and was injured.

Why have you continued to volunteer for the LTC: I love running and love runners, and if the Lincoln Track Club can get people running and keep people running, with these great and reasonable races, then I will always volunteer!

What is most rewarding about being an LTC volunteer: When you volunteer for LTC, you realize just how much goes into these races and how much these volunteers care! It makes you feel good about mankind! J

What is the most challenging aspect: Not challenging—just the worry before races that everything is covered and done—the most challenging … making everyone happy!

How do you stay fit: Running, gravel biking, running and biking commute, strength class I teach at the Y, and Pilates!