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The Lincoln Track Club, Inc. was established in 1975 by an eager group of track enthusiasts. Although our title contains the reference to track, we have become a distance oriented club. Our membership includes some of the nation’s finest road racers to a great number of fun runners.

In essence, our club is a non-profit community service organization, established to promote running throughout this area and provide educational assistance for its runners. Our monthly newsletter has become an important running publication for Nebraska runners. The LTC is a member club of both the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) and USA Track and Field.

The Lincoln Track Club is not just about running, its also about volunteering. This is the one ingredient that makes LTC work. The whole organization is made up of volunteers and we can always use more. Please consider joining one of Nebraska’s finest volunteer-run organizations.

2014 Board of Directors

  • Glenn Moss, President
  • Ann Ringlein, Vice President
  • Cassie Janssen, Treasurer
  • Michelle Bivens, Secretary
  • John Krajewski, Children’s Program
  • Dennis Connolly, Medical Director
  • Alan Higley, Results Coordinator
  • Scott Brown, Webmaster
  • Jim Hazard, Legal Advisor
  • Nancy Sutton, Marathon Co-Director
  • Gary Bredehoft, Marathon Co-Director
  • Glen Moss, Technical Committee (Acting)
  • Joeth Zucco, Newsletter Editor & Publications
  • Glen Moss, Financial Advisor
  • Lu Wetzler, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Dick Boyd, Bicycler Coordinator
  • Larry Swanson, Past President
  • Clayton Streich, Member-At-Large
  • Al Neemann, Member-At-Large
  • Brian Wandzilak, Member-At-Large
  • Steve Kuhn, Member-At-Large
  • Jay Marshall, Member-At-Large
  • Greg Freese, Member-At-Large
  • Ryan Salem, Member-At-Large
  • Shelly Adcox, Member-At-Large
  • Jay Schluckebier, Member-At-Large
  • Jill Hattan, Member-At-Large
  • Dave Hattan, Permitting & Insurance
  • Jen Snyder, Member-At-Large

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