As a volunteer organization, there are so many deserving people who could be honored as the Dort Worth Volunteer Award winner. In a somewhat ironic twist, the Lincoln Track Club thought it was time to honor the person who handles all the marathon awards with an award of his own.

For as long as I can remember, Tom Becker has been in charge of organizing and distributing thousands of Lincoln Marathon awards through the years. While this sounds like a small task, it really is not. As soon as the 13,000 runners hit the pavement, Tom goes to the Champions Club to sort and inspect all of the awards, which is in the ballpark of 300 awards. In a perfect world, all of the awards would be picked up at the awards ceremony, but the reality is many are not. Tom then packs up the remaining awards and ships them to their proper recipients. This process takes more than just a little bit of time.

Tom is no stranger to LTC races as a participant either. He started running our races from the very beginning, and in 2016 was one of just two people to have run all forty Buffalo Runs. Think about it—he has put in 200 miles on the hilly Pioneers Park course alone. He has run several other LTC races including the Lincoln Half Marathon, Governor’s Cup, Havelock, Corporate Cup, KFOR Summer Run, and many more. When Tom is not running a race, he often can be seen helping at packet pickup or in other roles.

Thank you, Tom, for your help throughout the years and congratulations on your honor as the 2016 Dort Worth Volunteer of the year.